Now that I’m almost 40, health is the uppermost thing on my mind. Will I be OK? Have I eaten the right things? Is pollution killing me? Or the never-ending sitting of my job and sedentary lifestyle? I’ve learned enough about myself to doubt I will ever end my life […]

500 Words :: Priority

There’s a controversy well underway about the role of parents in disciplining their kids. A 16-year old girl in South Carolina refused to put her phone away in class, events escalated quickly, and she was brutally restrained by a police officer. It happened to be caught on video. Now people […]

500 Words :: On Responsibility

Life is a promise that only you can decide is fulfilled. Some people are born with everything yet find life empty. Others struggle from the moment they’re born but find life satisfactory. Clearly the promise of life cannot be answered by the circumstances in which we find ourselves. What was […]

500 Words on Promise

Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You, a new BBC series focused on how our prenatal development shapes our lives, has brought new attention to a group of seemingly sex-swapping people in the Dominican Republic. Source: Why Some Boys in the Dominican Republic Don’t Grow Penises Until Puberty

Why Some Boys in the Dominican Republic Don’t Grow Penises ...

Europe One Way Jihad
Encouraging news that the adventurous life of a jihadi isn’t nearly as romantic as it was sold to be. Maybe the constant sound of drone shells is finally working itself through the rhetoric. Study based on testimony of 58 ex fighters paints a picture of brutality, corruption, and increasing disenchantment […]

Report Documents Growing Number of Isil Defectors | Al Jazeera ...

Walter Palmer arrives at the River Bluff Dental clinic in Bloomington
Walter Palmer reportedly paid $50K to track and kill the lion in a Zimbabwe national park Source: Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion returns to work

Lion Murdering Dentist Returns to Work

True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga directs British star in the first competition film to screen at this year’s Venice film festival – and the first awards contender from Netflix’s new cinema division Source: Beasts of No Nation review – Idris Elba rules in Netflix’s impressive move into movies

Beasts of No Nation review – Idris Elba rules in ...